Corporate headquarter and production facility in Falkenstein, Germany

Since 1995 we have been producing resinous coating systems for roofs, facades and industrial floors. in our factory based in Germany. Our formulations are based on MMA, Epoxy and PU resins as well as Bitumen. Plasti - Chemie International GmbH has been developed to an industry leader since more than 20 years. We are the exclsuive dealer for Plasti-Chemie´s poducts in the USA.

Since our inception, we have emphasized customer service and technical support. Prior to becoming a producer of synthetic coatings, we got our start in flooring installations.  It’s our field experience and hands-on approach that separate us from other manufacturers in the industry.

Until today, many research and development projects accompanied our way. In the meantime, our company co-operates with other companies of the Knorr Group worldwide and is represented all over Europe as well in Asia, Australia and also in South America.

New construction or retro-fit projects, Plastifloor ® MMA resins has been approved in aggressive working environments such as:  food processing, aero-space, pharmaceutical, animal housing, pulp and paper, warehouse storage, and laboratories. In addition, our mortar systems are versatile and have been used as a reliable problem solver. Plastifloor ® products are the ideal solution for the rapid repair of deteriorated concrete and slope adjustments on existing floors...even at low temperatures because they are curing within 2 hours.

Plastifloor® systems are safe, reliable, and installed with minimal downtime. Our products are available in multiple colors and surface profiles. One of our approved installation contractors can tailor a system to meet your exact specifications and budget requirements.


Do You need a consultation? Contact us directly by email or telephone and you will be directed to a technical support representative. We understand that every construction project is unique in scope.   Thanks to our field experience and global contacts, we have the resources to address any issue a project may present.

Are You interested in a technical training? You are cordially invited to attend one of our Plastifloor® workshops.  This training course is intensive and will cover surface preparation methods, system installation selection, business development, specification writing, and trouble shooting. We can also organize a customized training course to review specific products and systems.


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The purpose of this website is not only to provide technical information, its also made to provide background information about our company, employees and corporate partners.

Architects, spec writer, designers, general contractors, building owners, and plant engineers are welcome to download technical data and SDS documents.

Contractors will find the latest product information, test certificates and datasheets from the German Institute for Standardization-Security. Please feel free to register for one of our next meetings or training seminars.


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