Environmental Policy

Our principles

Environmental protection and safety, economic success and social action are of equal value to us. Experience and a sense of responsibility are the main motives of actions for all our employees.

We are guided by the principles:

  • On our own responsibility to constantly develop environmental protection and safety;
  • To comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as our own requirements, which may exceed statutory requirements;
  • To safely produce products and to avoid risks to our employees, our neighbors and the environment;
  • To select, inform and advise distributors and carriers so that our products reach the customers safely;
  • Provide our customers with all necessary information for the safe handling of our products;
  • To develop and produce products which, when handled properly, are safe and environmentally sound to use and can be recycled after use or safely disposed of;
  • To take all necessary precautions against accidents and breakdowns, and to minimize as far as possible the incidence of accidents and disturbances in their effects on humans and the environment by taking appropriate measures;
  • To conduct a businesslike, open and trusting dialogue with our employees and the public

Environmental Policy

As an innovative and internationally operating company in the chemical industry, we consider the protection of the environment and natural resources as one of the most important challenges to secure the future. Since its founding in 1995, Plasti – Chemie GmbH has anchored its corporate responsibility for corporate environmental protection in its corporate guidelines.

At the heart of our green corporate governance is the continuous improvement of our environmental performance as well as the careful use of resources.
To achieve this goal, our environmental policy is an integral part of our business activities. It is a commitment to each and every one of our employees, because we are all models of environmental protection and operational safety through our personal conduct.
During the relocation of our company to the new location in Falkenstein in 2017, both the production area and our hazardous goods warehouse were built and tested according to the latest technical standards, taking into account all known influencing factors in order to exclude risks to the environment and employees.

Environmental Management System

In 2018, Plasti – Chemie Produktions GmbH will introduce an environmental management system based on the EU Eco Audit Regulation at the Falkenstein location. The basis for these future measures is the environmental policy of Plasti – Chemie Produktions GmbH, which expressly commits itself to environmental protection and safety, and is equal to the economic success and social action of our company. Within the framework of environmental policy, Plasti – Chemie Produktions GmbH undertakes to comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as the company ‘s own requirements. higher than the legal requirements are settled. The main objective of this environmental management system is the self-imposed promotion of the continuous improvement of corporate environmental protection, which is verified by approved external environmental verifiers. Such a review will continue to be conducted at regular intervals to determine and document the success of our environmental improvement process. In addition, future developments in the relevant laws, regulations and administrative provisions will be constantly monitored by the relevant departments and action taken if necessary. In setting up our international sites, we will set the same high standards for the equipment and operation of our facilities.


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