Plastistone® Epoxy Resin

Plastistone® floor coatings

… are coating systems based on epoxy resin, which are used for new construction, renovation and modernization of almost all floors. Plastistone® floor coatings take about 1 week to fully complete its chemical and mechanical curing. The flooring achieves a high chemical resistance.

Plastistone® floor coatings are therefore particularly well suited for areas in which high chemical loads are to be expected. Special attention should be brought to Plastistone® pebble flooring, a very decorative floor that is preferably used for exhibition halls or swimming pools but also in apartments.

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ProductsProduct Data Sheets
Substrate preparation – primer, primer, mortar, barrier layerSubstrate Preparation
Standard binder for sealing and coating systems- Standard and Rapid Sealing and Coating Systems
Vapor-Densable Binders / Sealing and Coating SystemsPlastistone Sealing and Coating Systems
Elastized binder for sealing and coating systems Standard and RapidPlastistone EP-Elastic Coatings
2 Component SealersPlastistone EP Easy Line Coatings
Binder for stone carpets
Clear Resin, not yellowing Plastistone® 1276
General informationGeneral Products Information