crack sealer

Why use a crack sealer?

Quite simply! Our crack sealer acts as a reinforcer for extremely porous substrates, extending their service life. It seals cracks in screeds, concrete structures and is used to seal the surface, protecting the floor from deterioration. Our Plastifloor® 114 is the perfect solution for this.

Function overview PF 114

Low viscosity

Due to its low viscosity, the resin is rather thin and flows easily into even very small cracks.

Reaches deep cracks

It enables easy penetration & even filling of deep cracks in existing concrete.

Good binding

The resin bonds well with the inner walls of the cracks.


Restores most of the original strength, preventing further crack propagation.

Good compatibility

Significantly lower modulus & higher tensile elongation ensure better compatibility with moving cracks & thermal stresses.

Application & application area

Only minimal effort and no special equipment is required to apply the crack sealer. Application to concrete surfaces and structures also reduces chloride permeability and protects against further deterioration. The sealant is often used on runways for airports, parking garages, industrial floors, garages, concrete elements and concrete roadways. Particular attention must be paid to thorough cleaning and removal of any substances before application, otherwise optimum adhesion cannot be guaranteed.

Products for crack sealer system:

Discover the products for this system that set our crack sealer apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and services to meet the unique needs of our customers.

crack sealer