Plastifloor® MMA Resin

Plastifloor® Floor Coatings

We produce Plastifloor® product line based on methyl methacrylate- MMA resins which cure very quick and have the best features for all types of industrial and commercial coating needs.

A fast curing time (about 2 hours) and processing at temperatures down to -30 ° C. Above al it has made Plastifloor® coatings systems approved solution for new construction and refurbishment works in industrial, commercial and residential areas for over 25 years.

Plastifloor® applicators install the coatings with practical experience therefor we provide practical trainings and technical support for our customers worldwide.

If you require high chemical and mechanical persistance on your industrial floor- choose our resins. Impact resistance, chemical resistance, high mechanical loads, hygienic surfaces, heavy traffic etc. In conclusion- we deliver all of it.

System application

1. Substrate preparation

2. Application of the primer

3. Application of the membrane

3. Application of the coating

3. Application of the sealing

Plastifloor MMA Installation Video:

Plastifloor® Products


Plastifloor® 112 Standard Concrete Primer
Plastifloor® 114 Crack Sealer
Plastifloor® 115 B Beton Primer
Plastifloor® 116 Asphalt Primer
Plastifloor® 118 Primer for wet/new concrete


Plastifloor®332,V,Z Membranes, Pre-Filled
Plastifloor®410 Coating for inside
Plastifloor®412 Pigmented Self-Levelling Resin
Plastifloor®418 Universal Resin
Plastifloor®430 Joint Sealer
Plastifloor®500 ‘Style’ Topcoat
Plastifloor®800 PUMMA hybrid resin
Plastifloor®800 BD Bridge Deck Solution


Plastifloor®522 Inner and Hard Sealer
526 Chem. Resistant Sealer
528 Outter and Elastic Sealer


Plastifloor®510  Mortar Resin
Plastifloor®540 Cove Resin
Plastifloor®540H Cove Paste
Plastifloor®050/051 Polymer concrete Mortar System


Plastifloor® Härter 50W Standard Hardener
Plastifloor® Härter M Hardener for matt Sealers
Plastifloor® Härter 500 Hardener for Plastifloor 500 “style”


Plastifloor® Accelerator B101 Accelerator for Temp.  lower than -30°C
Plastifloor® Bonding Agent HP Adhesive for smooth Surfaces
Plastifloor® S/L Filler