Plastifloor® application & product information

Before installing a Plastifloor® floor, a number of important questions need to be clarified to ensure that the new floor can be professionally installed and then remain durable in the long term. In addition to testing the substrate for its suitability for coating, the selection of the right coating structure is also of decisive importance for durability. Ultimately, subsequent cleaning and maintenance are also crucial to ensuring that you can enjoy your new Plastifloor® floor for a long time to come.

Instructions for testing and preparation of the substrate and for System selection before installing a Plastifloor® coating

If you need a new floor, you should ask yourself the following questions in advance:

What properties does the client /user requires on their new floor? Are the conditions such as strength, adhesion value, (residual) moisture and evenness given? What is the load capacity of the substrate to be coated? What is the most suitable Plastifloor® flooring system? Which slip resistance class does the BG stipulate on the ground of the coated area?

More about the subject substrate Preparation and System Analyzing (PDF)

Cleaning Instructions for Plastifloor®-Floors

Plastifloor® MMA resin floors are often used because of their good mechanical and chemical resistance. Nevertheless, you should not indiscriminately use aggressive and ecologically harmful detergents. Following the instructions and proper care will extend the lifetime of your floor.

More about the subject cleaning instructions (PDF)

More about the subject chemical resistance (PDF)

Our selection of coating colors, color chip mixtures and decorative fillers

The easy-care Plastifloor® floors have been meeting all the requirements of a modern industrial floor for decades. They are seamless, easy to clean and resilient. There are many options for designing the floors with color shades, chip mixtures or decorative fillers.

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