High Quality Resinous Products

Developed, Produced and Shipped from Germany

Plasti – Chemie North America LLC

is a worldwide opertaing company

We produce synthetic resins based on polymethyl methacrylates, epoxy resins, PU, polyaspartic and bitumen, precast concrete resin and carbon fiber board components.

In addition to the project-related delivery of our products and systems, we offer our customers permanent and internationally available technical support. Since the company was founded, the company’s goal has been to provide our customers with products that meet both expected and desired requirements. Based on extensive experience and constant innovation, we develop products in line with market needs, in close consultation with our factory representatives and authorized supplying companies.

Further, we feel obliged to help customers to use our products safely through knowledge , good advice and technical support.

Our products

We manufacture coating systems for roofs, facades and industrial floors made of MMA resin, epoxy resin and bitumen. And we have been doing so for over 30 years.

Plastifloor® MMA Resin

Plastifloor® product line includes wide range of products building a high quality industrial flooring systems developed in our laboratory. We produce primers, base coatings, sealers, mortars, terazzo and more all based on MMA.

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Plastipur® PU/Polyaspartic Resin

Plastipur® Polyaspartic is a quick curing resin without any odour with appealing performance. Our product line includes coatings and sealers. Plastipur® PU is water- based polyurethan screed with excellent resistance to thermal shock,abrasion and chemicals in harsh industrial environments.

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Plastistone® Epoxy Resin

We provide a full range of epoxy products – Plastistone®. Plastistone® product line consists of 2-Comp., 3-Comp. and 4-Comp. Kit Systems all availabl to meet our customers needs.

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are coatings for inside and outside of the buildings. They reduce the heat  and optimally reflect the sun’s rays

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Are bituminous waterproofing roof coatings, that may repair almost all roofs made of metal sheets or bituminous sheets in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Riverstone MMA Art Resin

are low viscosity 2- component art resins based on MMA (Methylmetacrylat). The resins can be transformed into plates, moldings, trays, troughs, heating elements, facade elements, TT plates or any other ideas?

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